Inside the bell tower in  St Matthew-in-the-City.
Bells, St Matthew-in-the-City. Photograph by Scott Pilkington.

Heavy metal: the largest bells in Auckland

FreeFamily activitiesCentral Auckland

Saturday 26 September, 11am-2pm


Online only

187 Federal Street, Auckland Central

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Come along to St Matthew-in-the-City to learn more about the heavy metal suspended above the city, the incredible journey of the bells, and the people who have travelled from far and wide to ring them.

Enjoy regular bellringing performances, tours of the bellfry and events inside the church. This includes a reflection on the Influenza 1918 and COVID-19 pandemics, and a celebration of St Matthew's Day.

This year we are only holding a virtual event, please head online to join our open day digitally.

Presented by: St Matthew's Society of Bellringers and the church of St Matthew-in-the-City

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