Bharatiya Mandir.
Bharatiya Mandir, 252 - 254 Balmoral Road Auckland, New Zealand.

Exploring sacred spaces: Bharatiya Mandir

FreeAccessibleCentral Auckland

Saturday 3 October, 2:30pm-4pm


Bharatiya Mandir

252 -254 Balmoral Road, Mt Albert

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Visit the oldest and largest Hindu temple in New Zealand and learn about the history of some of the earliest Hindu settlers in Auckland. Hinduism is considered by many to be the oldest religion in the world.

Hindus have lived in New Zealand since the late 1800's. The list of donors, who made this temple a reality, represent the heritage of stories that have contributed to the current diversity of Auckland.

The temple stands at the crossroads of the ancient Hindu civilisation and the post-colonial Hindu settlement in Auckland. This Temple serves as an important hub for the local community, with its dedication to zero waste, its vegetable garden, and community centre.

This visit is one of a series organised by the Auckland Inter-Faith Council, inviting Aucklanders to explore the sacred spaces of diverse faith communities and learn about their heritage.

Presented by: Auckland Inter-Faith Council

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