The Rose Centre, 2019.
The Rose Centre, 2019, The Rose Centre Inc.

The Rose Centre: A Community's Story, A film premiere

FreeAccessibleNorth Auckland

Sunday 11 October, 3pm-4pm


The Rose Centre

4 School Road, Belmont

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The Team, 09 445 9900




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This short film celebrates the Rose Centre's nearly 30-year contribution to Belmont. It features interviews with Paddy Stafford-Bush, a local personality and foundation member of The Rose Centre Inc, and with Sue Golding, the founding office co-ordinator.

Both will share insights, anecdotes, and fun moments around the topic of breathing life into a new community facility during the early 1990's municipal council world. The film will show how things used to be done and encourage people to solve their community's issues in similar ways in the future.

Presented by: The Rose Centre Inc

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