Beyond the State: NZ State Houses from Modest to Modern, Penguin Random House

Auckland's State Houses: From Liberal to Labour and Beyond

Accessibility. Central

Sunday 2 October, 10am-11am


Conference Centre Foyer, University of Auckland

22 Symonds Street, Auckland Central

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Talk free, bus tour $20


Bookings required

Bookings required for bus tour only, limited to 30 people. Accessible for Talks only.

Contact Bill McKay

021 224 9673



State houses are everywhere in Auckland and housing shortages and affordability are still big issues today. Bill McKay, architectural historian and co-author of Beyond the State: State Houses from Modest to Modern, presents a talk on the history of state houses.

It follows their story from the Liberal Government of the early 20th century, through Railways Department and Auckland council houses of the 1920s, the first Labour Government's massive building programme that created many Auckland suburbs, and to today and the future of social housing.

The talk is followed by an optional bus tour from 11am-1.30pm that takes in Ellerslie's Liberal Government houses, 1920s Railways Department houses, 1920s Auckland council houses and Labour state houses, as well as contemporary social housing today.